Wednesday, January 19, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 2

Day 2A photo of something you ate today.

.....Well, since I've finished two meals today and I've eaten all evidence, there will be no visuals of eggs, turkey bacon, avocado salsa, oatmeal (yes, we had oatmeal for lunch in place of the bread that we've run out of), apples, peanut butter/honey dip, 2 cuties and a cup of coffee. All I have left at the office is the blueberry yogurt that I had planned to eat, but haven't yet.


Is it just me, or is it crazy to see everything I've eaten today? It just seems like a super long list. Nothing bad by any means, and none outrageous in portion size.

I'll segue into another "is it just me" question: does anyone else ever find themselves listing everything they ate on a certain day to a friend, family member, etc? Its just quirky, and I think I only do it with a couple of people every so often, but they do it with me too. After the fact, I always think to myself, "we just talked for at least five minutes about each and every item we ate today...what a weird conversation". Yet we will go on to have the same conversation (different ingredients) again another day. American's have it good, man. Having a whole conversation revolving around the different foods we're blessed to afford and enjoy. Even the food we find boring would be awesome for someone that doesn't have any. Makes you think.

So I'd take a picture of something I ate today, but right now I don't have anything to show. I didn't look at today's blog topic until I had finished anything worth a picture. I might take a picture of my lasagna tonight - on the other hand, I might not. I'll let you use your imagination. The point of the blog entry was to write, right? =)

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  1. The lasagne wasn't photo-worthy - but it's good. =] Enjoy! ~ Mom


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