Monday, May 9, 2011

Call Me Susie.

Little Susie Homemaker...that's me. Sort of. haha I feel that way on days like these when I don't go into the office. I suddenly get very into the thought of baking and/or cooking all day long. I fit some cleaning in there too, and most of the time feel very accomplished by the time my man comes home.

The funny thing is, ever since I got married, I've pretty much been at the office M-F, away from the house. There had been this longing within that had taken root to make my house a home, and I couldn't because by the time I got home, I was tired and didn't have the energy to play Sarah the homemaker. Granted, I made sure we had good food to eat, we've cleaned the house on the weekend, and when there's laundry to put away, it eventually gets put away....but this being home during the week has made a huge difference.

I really enjoy being home. I really like having a job description that includes meal planning, folding laundry and vacuuming. Can't say I'm a big fan of dusting, but I do enjoy the smell of the orange pledge in the air and the fact that we don't have a TON of places for dust to settle. I'm an old-fashioned girl who belongs in the 50's I think.

This morning I got some chicken going in the crockpot and then proceeded to make some chocolate chip cookies so that Carlos would be pleasantly surprised upon his arrival. I did the dishes, vacuumed and dusted of the living room, put laundry away, made the bed, straightened up, and started putting my extra room together now that I have my last piece of furniture necessary for the room - shelves. I haven't completely figured out what I'm doing with that room yet - all I know is that until I figure out what colors I'm painting the shelves, desk and bookcase, things will just have to be put away on the shelves - as is.

Must go now! Its 6:15, my man just got home and I MUST get dinner on the table. =)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Social Networking Craziness

I have spent the day here at the MasterWerks office figuring out, or at least attempting to figure out, how this whole social networking thing goes. What I've learned.....? It's complicated stuff. It all can tie together and work as this amazing machine of communication iiiiiiffff you can figure it out and do it right.

Now, as I've already mentioned in this entry, I have yet to enter the smart phone, iphone, app world. I had a choice last month when I purchased our new phones to get the data plan or not, and I chose not to. Internet at the office and at home on the laptop is enough. Needless to say, as far as social networking goes, I do facebook and thats it. This blog is merely a creative extension of that activity in that I've managed to click a share button a few times.

I say all this to say, I volunteered to be in charge of social networking with the company and a world of communication opportunities are at my fingertips now that I never put effort into exploring before now. I've managed today to make the company blog (please follow us! I'm the only follower so far, so I'm basically following my own updates, haha), set up our Twitter acct and managed to link it to the facebook page so it will update both simultaneously, AND put links on facebook and the blog to our Vimeo and You Tube channels.

SO - If you'd like to be connected with everything MasterWerks, essentially, I'll point you towards our blog because that is the hub for all communication. I'm pretty proud of myself for connecting the dots today. I did a lot of google "how do I?" searches. Ha!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

tickle me pink

I remember thinking after I finished my blog design the last time "I'm not going to change this for a long time. I'm perfectly happy with what I have for once." As of today, I needed to change something. If anything I could revamp the color theme without much hassle and be happy with the product. This thought is a lesser version of the "I don't have to buy new furniture right now, but if I rearrange the furniture I have, it will make me happy for a while" concept. Small commitment without too much energy.

I considered changing the header, but once again, too much energy and I actually like that element still. =) Thank you Photoshop for your abilities to assist me in achieving my color changing goals. I tried several different color combos and essentially settled on the one you see above. Now, why did I go with this one? Could it be that possibly I've returned to the same colors for almost my entire life whenever I'm painting, coloring, or Photoshopping? Ever since I received my first Big Box of crayons (with the sharpener built into the box - whoop whoop!) I have gravitated to these specific crayons. Don't ask me why...I can't help myself.

I'm happy with my blog for now...I mean, why wouldn't I be when there are so many different versions of Sea Green, Robin's Egg Blue and Tickle Me Pink in it. =)

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