Wednesday, February 17, 2010

First things first - Write first blog entry.

Here I am with a blog...what now?

I've heard that one should stick to a defined theme. Last night when I came to the conclusion that a blog would be a fun idea, I went to bed with all of these grand literary bits of genius in my mind, frustrated that my laptop was all the way in the living room and I, well, had work in the morning so I couldn't stay up half the night spewing all of my awesome ideas about life (sarcasm). The creative juices were flowing, and now...not so much.

So here's what I think the theme of this blog will be in its most simple form. I am as my blog title states, an administrative assistant by day and creative soul by night. As mysterious and catchy as the title is, the fact of the matter is, my headline should read "Warning! A desk job may ruin all creative juices left in your brain! Run while you still can!" Okay, that was completely over dramatized. Honestly, I like my job. I just wish I was more passionate about it. I can do it, and do it really well, but what could I be doing differently that might motivate me to greater heights of excellence?

My frustration is in the lack of motivation I feel to push paper anymore when I'd so much prefer to learn how to design and make an awesome piece of furniture or even plant some flowers and watch them grow. There's something to be said for making things. Even if it's hard work, when you're done, it's a reflection of you. I was at the beach on Valentines Day and was overwhelmed with the thoughts of creation, amazed at the world that God created for us and the way he paints the sky daily to remind us of his awesome imagination and artistry! My mom always says that God's putting on another show for us whenever the sky is filled with extraordinarily vibrant colors. I took this picture on Valentines Day at Carmel Beach. It has not been enhanced or photoshopped in any way. How awesome, right!? I want to paint it, its just so beautiful, but I definitely wouldn't do it any justice. I'll leave stuff like that for the Bob Ross' of the world that can paint "happy little trees" ohhhh so easiliy.

I LOVE color. Ask my fiance what I used to dress like a few years back when we were first dating and he'd probably make some reference to rainbow brite or something. Honestly though, how awesome is color?? In elementary school, I felt like the coolest kid ever when my mom got me the BIG BOX of color crayons. Once you have that box, you can't go back to having only 12 to work with. Magic mint, burnt sienna, robins egg blue, radical red, cerulean - the choices were endless! I'm the same way now when I go to the craft store and pick out some new acrylic colors for canvas painting. New colors are so fun, especially when I can see the possibilities of mixing a couple to make the most intense color combination ever.

For me, creativity sometimes takes the willingness to have the heart and imagination of a child. As adults we tend to pigeon-hole ourselves and stay within a box that gets smaller and smaller with every year added to our life. For children, the possibilities are endless and dreams ARE reality. I mean, I used to talk to Big Bird at nap time - and that was real to me! I'm not saying you should start imagining that a large yellow bird is your best buddy, but look a little deeper when opportunities present themselves. Say yes to yourself more than you say no. Look at the possibilities rather than the limitations. I used to say to myself that if I did what I loved to do for a living, than I wouldn't like doing it anymore. I've found out that its SO the opposite - find your bliss and chase after it! If you can make money doing it, kudos to you!


  1. Welcome to blog world Sarah! When I first saw your name on my followers list I was like "Who the heck is Sarah Leesy!" Glad I dug a little further and found out it was you (with a different last name than I'm used to)! ;)
    How much do you love the Bless Our Nest blog?! She is so creative!

  2. Thanks! I haven't had an online journal/blog in years so I figured I'd try my hand again. I'm just going to change it to Sarah so as to erase confusion! My middle name is Elyse, so Sarah Leesy is like my mom's pet name for me - Steph would recognize it, but I doubt anyone else would! I do love the bless our nest blog! Its going to inspire me to make more things - more than I already do for sure. She has such cute ideas!

  3. Children look at the possibilities instead of the limitations. Then you have children, and they become least until you start making enough money to hire a nanny (which in my case is not a possibility). :)

    Despite my sarcasm, I loved this blog entry. Sarah, you are great with words! I need to start looking at my children as an excuse to get out and enjoy everything this island has to offer (everything that is child friendly, anyway), instead of viewing them as an excuse to be stuck at home all the time. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. I'm excited to see what you create :-} You're off on an adventure on so many levels. Woooo!


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