Thursday, June 7, 2012

On Life, Priorities, Growth, Leadership & Realizing Potential

This is a screenshot of my CURRENT desktop.  Yes, it says October.  Yes, I'm very aware that its currently June.  I'm also aware that my Christmas lights have been up since the Christmas before last.  Don't judge.  So what if there's a party on my patio every night (I tell myself.  Myself responds "heck yes!")

As I hopped on over to my neglected blog today, I found it interesting that the last blog that I wrote was in October as well.  Interestingly enough, that blog was also about the fact that I was feeling scattered and was having a hard time multi-tasking, so its no surprise to me that I fell off of the grid with my blog at least.  The good thing is, I did start using that life planner that I mentioned so know that I didn't stop functioning altogether! If anything I started functioning more and functioning better, just in different capacities.

In my former life as an administrative assistant I used a prioritized task list (A, B, C) in order to begin the practice of automatically knowing what my priorities should be eventually.  It worked!  As I transitioned out of the paper/email/filing/board meeting minute-typing life and into that of a life as a wife with a new job, a home business, a mess a home, a puppy, dishes, Christmas lights, laundry, a kitchen table that serves as a landing place for mail, a coffee table that serves as the place we eat - I realize...I might need to bring that prioritized task list back into play some days more than others.  Maybe I can find a super cute one on Pinterest...and then get distracted, find a recipe, then another inspirational quote that makes me want to exercise and 20 crockpot dinners I can make ahead of time...and...and...and 4 hours pass by in the meantime, I feel brilliant despite the fact that I've accomplished nothing whatsoever, and I forget why I hopped on in the first place.

So, all that to say, the blog has definitely been a C on the priority list for the last several months, because it needed to be!  In October I started to get serious about some personal development areas I was lacking in.  I took the Strengths Based Leadership test and suddenly was aware that I have leadership strengths!  My top 5 are all in the Execution category.  So I started getting serious about developing leadership skills that I don't have, building my AdvoCare business and raising up a team of leaders!  I started getting serious about paying down debt instead of just thinking about it and worrying about it incessantly.  Believe me, I still have my moments, but I don't think they're as all consuming as they used to be.  Because, repeat after me, "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail"!  Planning brings peace.  Getting a system in place brings peace.  Above all else, knowing that God knows the desires of my heart and has my back and wants the best for me, brings me PEACE!

I'm running out of daytime hours I can allot to this blog - with actual tasks at hand - yes, my favorites: Dishes and Laundry.  And since I'm actually home today, I have to take advantage of these hours because these tasks DO NOT get done after work on a daily basis unless extremely necessary.  To all you awesome people out there who have mastered the art of doing these things even though you don't want to and you don't necessarily have time to - I SOLUTE YOU!  Please pass on your wonderful, magical powers to me!

So I'll leave with this.  I found this to be pretty awesome.  As I was updating my Google profile, I realized how much life had changed in the past two years and become SO much more than I had imagined it would.  Things I've wanted have come to fruition.  Opportunities I didn't know existed two years ago are breathing new life and new chances for growth into my day-to-day!  Which in turn has allowed me to have a renewed heart for people like myself who don't even know what they're missing out on, who have no idea the incredible potential they have for greatness in their life because of fear, or circumstances they're in the midst of.

I challenge you - whoever you are that's reading this blog right now! What do you want your profile update to look like 2 years from now?  Seriously!!

(Insert Your Name), You're now seen as...

(Insert Your Name), You will be seen as...

Here are a couple things that I suggest you check out to help you on your journey of reaching your potential!

Read:  The Slight Edge and Strengths Based Leadership (get the book and then you can take the test online!)

Watch/Listen to this Message Series:  Change Your World in 52 Days - There are four messages and you can either watch it or listen to the mp3 of it like I did.  Like I said the other day in a facebook update, a gem that I got from this series was this simple, yet awesome revelation about myself.

You were uniquely created to accomplish something only YOU can do! Hence the reason we get so broken-hearted about certain things that other people don't seem to care so much about. Its because YOU are the one that is meant to do something about it! Its on YOUR heart for a reason!

Don't settle for less than you were created to be.  Be open to new opportunities to grow instead of settling for what's comfortable.  Realize what purpose you were meant to carry out.  Let that purpose drive you to do good in this world.

Right now I look at my profile and I like what I see because I challenged myself to be more and do more, but I know that there's SO much more to accomplish and become.  As my vision expands though, this is what I see happening!

You're now seen as... Sarah Rodriguez, Cinematographer, Social Networker, AdvoCare Advisor/Distributor/Coach

You will be seen as... Sarah Rodriguez, World Changer

And I hope the same for you!

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