Friday, October 8, 2010

Visions of Etsy shops dance in my head

Ever since I heard of Etsy I have wondered about what possibilities it could hold for me. I have been thinking about this on and off for months with one thing or another distracting me from the actual pursuit of creating a shop. One thing that was holding me back was the lack of a product line. HA! That would help, huh? What I've found the past few days is a strange revival of passion to go towards my creative goals more wholeheartedly instead of saying "somewhere down the line I'll do it...when I have time to think about it...when I make a ton of products I'll start to think of it" etc. etc. etc.

I'm done with that. I'm ready to step out and think of this as a business that I can and WILL follow through with. This past week I've been studying Etsy, looking at products sold, online marketing and advertising techniques, and the importance of having a good business name. I came to the realization that I've always talked about my desire to have a boutique or small store where I could sell my handmade items, refurbished furniture, vintage items - things big and small that really represent my creativity and my style, and Etsy could be it!

This week I've found myself writing down ideas constantly in my notebook - things I can make, things I can redo, designs and colors that inspire me, words that could join together to make a cool shop name, things that are essentially just things that I love. Did I say "things" too much? Things. Things, things, things. Its just cool to have this flow of ideas that I've compiled forever, but just never put to paper.

One thing I know to be true is that it's important to write things down. Whether it's a dream, idea or prayer request, it makes it real and permanent. This can be scary sometimes because if you write it down and it doesn't come to fruition, you have the opportunity to be disappointed. However, that's when the wonderful gift of faith comes into play. =) Just from experience, when I've written down plans, goals or prayer requests and they DO come to fruition, I am SO pumped! What an awesome achievement it is! Also, I learned in my life planning class back in college that if you write up a plan and put a date to it, you're more than likely going to follow through because you've given yourself a goal with a due date. It's like you've made a deal with yourself and you MUST follow through.

In conclusion...

I WILL learn. I WILL create. I WILL follow my dreams. I WILL achieve my goals.

To my readers: Have a dream? WRITE IT DOWN!

Also, do you or does anyone you know have an Etsy shop? Any advice? What kind of handmade or vintage items are you most likely to look for or purchase?

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  1. Oh do it! I opened an etsy shop a little less than a year ago ( and it was the best decision ever! It has such low risk and it is ok if you only have a few item at first! Go for it!


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